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Making my crafts out of PVC is the evolution of a few years of figuring out how best to handle demand while still keeping my pieces as handmade as possible! With the help of my Patrons I've been able to get this project rolling and I'm getting close to putting them in your hands!

I have a lot of work that's been made over the years, so deciding on what pieces to start with has been a challenge. The best samples I've seen arrived recently (see Spyro on the right) and I've found the company I will be going with for these.

Preorders will open shortly, until then please check out the page dedicated to these for more info:


Early sample/prototypes shown here!

straya ita bag_A9_2743.jpg

Here’s my latest creation, the Dragon Companion Ita Bags and Wing Wallets Collection! “Ita-bags” were popularized in Japan and are designed to show off all the things you love! I wanted the bag itself to be something that you can love - and will love you back - so I created it as a Companion which will help protect your loot, together with the Wing Wallet to protect your money and documents!


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Hi! I'm Straya Obscura a fantasy illustrator from the USA. I created these paper crafts from a college project way back in 2008! Since then, each of my pieces have remained illustrated, hand cut and built by yours truly. While the paper crafts are the pride of my work I also use my designs in other merchandise like enamel pins, charms, lanyards, mouse pads and so on.

If you're looking for dragons, you've come to the right place!


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