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Handmade Decorations & Merchandise

Handmade Crafts

My main work focuses around handmade, semi-3D crafts! I illustrate the pieces digitally, have them cut out of pvc via machine and then assemble each and every one by hand, making sure they keep the quality I expect from my work.

They come in many types; table top busts or full bodies, wall hanging crests and one-off originals!

3/4 view of the Celest handmade craft.
Close up of the red Dragon Companion bag.
Dragon Companion logo

Here’s my latest creation, the Dragon Companion Ita Bags and Wing Wallets Collection! “Ita-bags” were popularized in Japan and are designed to show off all the things you love! I wanted the bag itself to be something that you can love - and will love you back - so I created it as a Companion which will help protect your loot, together with the Wing Wallet to protect your money and documents!


If you're looking for different products featuring my artwork look no further! Here you will find items like enamel pins, acrylic charms, fabric wall scrolls, prints and other gems I've made!

Close up of the Wishmaker seal enamel pin.


Hi! I'm Straya Obscura a fantasy illustrator from the USA. I first created this style of craft out of paper for a college project. My work has evolved much over the years and they are now made of a much more durable and resistant material.

Sometimes my work is also translated to other products, like the Dragon Companion, or smaller items like enamel pins, prints, charms and the like.

If you're a fan of dragons, you're in the right place!

Rathalos handmade craft
Close up of the Spyro handmade craft.

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