Legendary crafts, as seen on my commissions page, are larger (often twice the size), more detailed versions of the standard crafts available. In most cases they can be free-standing, have LEDs, and/or much more layering.


Spot/Full Holo

Spot holo is taking sections of a craft and adding a transparent paper over top the design that allows it to sparkle in light. Full holo is the same thing, but the entire craft is covered. When adding this option to your craft from the product page, I choose which is best for the piece.


LEDs can be added to most wall-hanging crafts (like crests) and some legendary crafts. This is something that must be discussed and is treated like a commission, as cost varies by what is requested to be done.

Color Changes

Since most of the work I do is digital, it is possible to change the colors of the piece (while keeping the original line work and design). This does not include line work edits, if you would like more custom changes, it will be treated as a commission.


 Want MORE!? 

It is very possible you've thought of something I haven't! If you have and are interested in exploring the idea, send me a message and let's talk!

A lot of the crafts you see posted on the site are posted in their standard form, but there are LOTS of options for those who wish to add a little more "oomph!" to their pieces. Keep in mind you will need to contact me in order to receive a quote for these! Simply state which crafts and which upgrade(s) you would be interested in!