Machine cut & still handmade for your home and office!



Why PVC?

I'm so humbled to be able to say that the main reason I've been researching a way to machine my crafts is due to demand! I'm to the point where I am no longer able to make enough inventory for conventions and other public shows. Which is a problem I am so thankful to have to solve!

But, the reason it took (almost) 3 years to get to this point is because I will not compromise on any of the quality my pieces are known for.

Each PVC craft will still be handled, built and shipped by me! The part I needed the most help with was the cutting, as my poor hands just can't keep up. It just came to be that it was easier to do this with PVC than it was with paper.

There were some HUGE improvements when the PVC was first tested! Things like durability; these pieces are less likely to break/bend if dropped. Secondly they are water-resistant, unlike paper, and can handle high humidity areas. Thirdly; I've been able to preserve the print quality that my paper editions have.

Will paper crafts still exist?

In short: absolutely! I do not plan to get rid of or "phase out" my paper editions at all! But they will continue to be hand cut and therefore will be at a higher price point than the PVC editions. I will also be focusing more on my legendary and special versions for the paper editions.

You'll see some shifts in the website as products change. If you have more questions feel free to contact me or hunt me down on social media!

PXL_20220217_031740285 copy.jpg

Please note that the PVC crafts are in a preorder phase! Supporters can expect shipping to begin in late summer 2022!

Those subscribed to my Hoard Hunter tier on Patreon will be receiving a unique design that will be available here at a later date.