Much like a 3D sculpture, these semi-3D paper crafts fit perfectly in your home, office, or any area that may need decorating!

  • For tabletop pieces a painted, wooden base is provided - all you need do is place the craft into the drilled hole to display.
  • For wall hanging pieces a painted, wooden base and d-ring is attached to the craft and all you need to do is place your hanging tack/command hook/nail wherever you would like it displayed!


Each paper craft is handmade by yours truly and are printed to order. Your piece may differ slightly from the one pictured, as that is a part of the handmade process. Thank you! :)

In Honor of Saint XIV

  • Approximate Sizes:

    Height: 18 Inches
    Length: 12 Inches

  • Collaboration:

    This piece was a collaboration piece between Ian Pesty and myself. The art was created by Ian, over 60 hours of detail in this piece! Please, check out more of his work:




    Each crafted version is handmade by Straya Obscura, each numbered.

  • Info:

    Paper craft sizes may vary slightly (based on design or type of craft)! Most of my standard busts and full body creatures are measured on a 15" canvas, larger wall hang pieces like crests are done at 19". Tabletop versions of crests are approximately 10". Exact dimensions for a piece can be requested before purchase!

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