Make sure to use "Merch (no crafts)" in your shipping options for this item! This is a limited edition package that includes:


  •        x1    12x16” tote bag
  •        x12  3” DragonScale vinyl stickers
  •        x1    Full Color DragonScale Lanyard
  •        x1   2” enamel DragonScale Pin (your choice)
  •        x1   5x7” DragonScale Color Print (matching the pin chosen)
  •        x1    2” DragonScale Acrylic Charm (your choice)
  •        x1    Set of 1” DragonScale earrings (your choice)
  •        x2    3” Savierya Sticker (one matte and holo)
  •        x1    3” Savierya Acrylic Charm
  •        x1    2” Savierya Enamel Pin

DragonScales Care Package

Scale Enamel Pin:
Scale Acrylic Charm:
Scale Earring Set:
  • Which choosing your Scale for the above options, these are your choices:

    Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, Fae, Ethereal, Crystal, Moon, Ice, Aurora

    Please keep in mind that FIRE is not available for the choice of Scale (but it can be chosen for earrings and charms)!

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