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Worktable Weekend #7

Hello everyone!

Got a decent bit of updates/discussion this weekend for you!

Another reminder that sign ups for the FWA workshop are still live! There will be a limit of 30 attendees and you will be able to sign up by coming by my Dealer's Den booth as well.

Above is my location for FWA 2022! Hope to see you there!

--- I want to go over some major changes with my online store regarding the overtime transfer to the PVC crafts. All of my crafts will be labeled in three degrees: standard, epic and legendary (this isn't new of course, but will be better organized) - Standard crafts will no longer have the ability to be holo, decorated or have LEDs. But they will be the lowest price point I offer. These pieces will never be larger than 15" on the longest side. Most of the tabletop/wall hanging busts are considered standard sized. - Epic crafts will have the option to have holo, decorations and LEDs. They will be the middle ground between standard and legendary and be sized around 20" on the longest side. Designs like my WoW class crests are considered epic level pieces. - Legendary crafts will be the highest end of pieces, they can include the holo, decorations, LEDs, and beyond. They are generally 48" on their longest side and are often reserved for commissions or original pieces I create. Good examples of these are my shelf sitter (Bloom & Savierya) pieces or my life-size weapons (Gjallarhorn & Outbreak Perfected). This will help determine how things are priced, making it easier for clients to compare their budget with what they want done. As always, I will discuss custom projects with anyone one-on-one. Paper crafts will not be available in standard on commission, only epic and legendary. PVC crafts will be available for all types. I have updated my website paper craft inventory! What is available on the site is all that is left. I'll be building them for conventions and updating the sold inventory as quickly as I can. ---

Now, lemme show you some things I have been working on!

Some new art! The creatures for the workshop! An adorable colorful wyvern I haven't decided what I'm doing with yet, haha! Then I re-worked my Savierya shelf-sitter as the original one fell the other day and damaged itself (sad). I'll take some comparison photos as I am really happy with my improvement art-wise!