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Legendary Craft: Bloom

This is one of my shelf sitter pieces, which are available as commissions. Bloom has found a home and is no longer for sale!

So happy to finally have this piece done! She's been sitting in the WIP bin for almost 3 months with everything going on.

The piece is almost 3 feet long (34in to be exact) as a double-sided paper craft. Bloom herself has magnetic feet where she can face left or right depending on the buyers preference! She comes decorated with faux flowers and beads, she is entirely hand cut and built. Also, sorry my photos aren't of her hanging up, I don't have the wall space for it, lol!

Below are some WIP photos for you all showing the process of building her. The body itself had to be printed in 4 parts, then the legs and wings also in 2 and 3 parts. The base was made using individually grafted grass sections, a hole drilled for each one, and then glued into the base.

After finding out a wire hanger did not work for these, I settled on shelf brackets. Any commission or prebuilt shelf sitter will come with 2 L-brackets and screws to hang them up with!

Thank you everyone, hope you like it!

Individually grafting the grass clumps into the base. I took about 3 stems with the different grasses to make the bundles, then put those into a drilled hole on the base.

Some of the bead work was added to her before being put together, this just makes it easier to flip it over again and again to get them somewhat the same on both sides.

This is the difficult part! Lining up the legs do she will stand (or sit in this case) properly without falling over.

Just a little size comparison for you.

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