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FWA Workshop

Hey everyone! As you all know I've been working on the build your own things for some time, many things have gotten in the way of me launching this project. But here we are! I was asked about running a workshop at FWA this year and decided it was a good time to get my butt in gear and make these happen.

The convention has a "Enchanted Forest" theme this year, so I thought I would make these spirit totem designs. There will be four to choose from: canine, feline, equine and a dragon.

The workshop will be held at 8:30PM room A703

Everyone is welcome to come by my Dealer Booth and confirm the location. I will be checking on it once I arrive to the convention so I can give directions. :)

There is a $15 entry fee that covers all the materials you need to build a paper craft just like I post here! I will be hanging out with everyone, building and helping/instructing along the way.

If you're attending FWA you can sign up for the workshop here!

If you are not attending, don't worry I'll be getting extra packets and building instructions that can be mailed to Patrons. :)

Hope to see you there!

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