Are you curious about the work I make here? You are in the right place to find out! If you have further questions after looking through this page, please do contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

What are your paper crafts?

Art! But art that is more than just a print hanging on your wall (but they can absolutely hang if you want)! My paper crafts are exactly as they sound: crafts made using paper. Most of the art is done digitally, the piece is then separated (the body, head, limbs, etc.) and printed on a high quality 130lb cover stock - like poster board.

Those prints are then trimmed out, each and every piece is cut by hand using a craft blade (Xacto knives are a common name). Yes, all of those little spikes and details are all done by hand! The piece is then given a foam core skeleton (patterned individually for each design), glued together and allowed to cure for 24 hours. The last step is putting them all together, packing and sending them home!

How big are the crafts?

My crafts vary in size quite a bit - but most are within a certain range and are priced for that range.


Standard crafts (usually between $50-$60) are around 15 inches on their longest side. This would include also my wall hang busts that stick out of your wall once hung.

Crest styled crafts (price range of $65-$100) are designed on a 19x19 inch canvas. These can either be my game class/race crests or designs that are layered outward.

Anything described as a "legendary" craft will likely be a one-of-a-kind piece and will often have found decoration, bead work, or LEDs. These vary a lot more in price but are often $200+.

How do I display my craft?

When shipping my pieces, I have designed them to travel flat. This allows me to insure they travel safe to their new home. When your box arrives your piece will be on a backboard wrapped in bubble wrap, be careful when removing it!

For tabletop pieces the paper craft itself will have a rod in it and you will have been provided a pre-drilled base. By pinching the dowel rod you can push the craft into the drilled hole, be careful not to push down on the craft as that may damage it. Make sure the piece doesn't wobble and set it somewhere you can look at it!

For wall hang pieces, I recommend Command Hooks to hang them. There will be a D-ring attached to the back.

How do I care for my piece?

Avoid placing your craft in areas that get really humid, like next to bathrooms and in places where sunlight will sit on them for extended periods of the day.


Overtime they will collect dust - do NOT use any spray or liquid cleaners. I recommend a dry, feathered duster and to be very careful when doing so - dusters can catch on edges like spikes and claws and rip them. You can use air cans (the ones designed for use on computers), but their pressure can blow over these pieces so make sure to hold them.

I recommend keeping the packaging if you plan to travel. But if you're unable be sure they are laid on something flat with some soft foam to hold them in place.