Build-Your-Own Paper Crafts is a new project in development by Straya Obscura, this project is intended for those who enjoy crafting and building things.

There will be multiple difficulties starting with novice, to adept and the final is expert. Each design will be determined before release, you will be able to preview the design and instructions to ensure you get the right one for you! We'll be starting out with a set including the creatures pictured below, each one is unique to this project and will not be available otherwise! Each one is designed as a double-sided craft at around the same size as my standard busts and full body designs.

Most of the materials will be provided, each package will include the art, patterns, foam core, and instructions. Certain items like glue, craft knives and scissors cannot be mailed, you will need to acquire these on your own. I will provide some recommendations and links on the product page where you can grab those items.


Monthly workshops will be available you will need Discord to participate (click the icon to the left to learn about what it is). Scheduling will open up a couple weeks before available dates after all packages have shipped and were scheduled to arrive.


**At this time I will only be able to schedule around US orders, but I do encourage international people to participate if you can!

Participating in the workshop is NOT required to purchase the craft package, you're welcome to create it on your own!

The intent of the workshops is to allow you to follow along with me as I will be building the same one everyone else in the workshop is! I will be available to answer questions and chat. Expect a 1-2 hour session when you schedule!

Prototyping and testing of the Build Your Own project is scheduled to begin in April 2021, if no unforeseen delays. At this time the prototyping will ONLY be available to Patrons. You can join my Patreon here (at any tier) to get in on the testing!

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